William Cecil (ウィリアム・セシル, Uiriamu Seshiru) is the Student Council Vice President of England's Oxford Academy and is ranked tenth in TRUMPS.

She is an egg-shaped woman who likes to participate in eating contests and has a relaxed manner of speaking. She often does a lot of things alongside fellow TRUMPS member Robert Dudley.


Siege Against the MusashiEdit

As the Far Eastern flying ship Musashi enters the airspace of England, Oxford Academy, represented by the escort ship Granuaile and her captain Grace O'Malley, performs a forceful entry into the Musashi. William Cecil is among the four members of Oxford's TRUMPS, the school's student-based leadership group, who attacks the Musashi, and alongside fellow TRUMPS member Robert Dudley, cripples the opposition until the flying ship's dangerous maneuver across the English coastline forces them to retreat.

She later attends a special meeting of TRUMPS, led by Elizabeth, in preparation of the recreation of the Armada War.


  • Tsirhc-Style Divine Ability: "Distribution" - Based on the principle of "distributing one's weight amongst one's opponents", Cecil can create a zone where all opponents and/or objects in a large area will receive a force similar to gravitational force that is equivalent to Cecil's weight. This ability requires food to be consumed before activating.

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