Turenne ww

Turenne, Reine de Garous.

Werewolves (人狼, Jinrō) also known as Loup-Garou (ルウガルウ, Ruugaruu) are a wolf humanoid species different from the Half-Wolves. Spiritual entities similar to the Elemental species that absorb and eat other beings. Hexagone Française pinnacle of non-human creatures. They have a keen sense of smell and carnivorous diet.


A pure-bred werewolf is a human possessing otherworldly existence, elementals with human shape that combines both the properties of human and wolf. This race never ages always keeping their best physical conditions, have the ability to repel attacks with their ether-based defenses and their superhuman strength is similar to the one of the Gods. They took the name of the Lycanthropes (狼憑き, Ōkamitsuki) after the infamous monsters from Old Europe. As spiritual beings they can show their true forms as complete monsters under the light of the full moon, easily surpassing the combative capabilities of the human world dwellers. This ability is known as Beast Modulation (獣変調, Kemono Henchō) also named Bête de Modulation (ベト・デ・モデュレシオン, Beto de Mode~yureshion) and permits a Werewolf to transform into wolf form or monstrous hybrid form of man and wolf.

First is the state when the spirit possess a human, in this condition when Werewolves eat humans to obtain enough spiritual entity to be able to interfere in the material world without the host are called the Knight Class (騎士クラス, Kishi Kurasu). In addition, as the Knight Class was born mixed, when they continue to gain substance by eating humans they become the Noble Class (貴族クラス, Kizoku Kurasu). Higher than that is the Royalty (王族, Ōzoku), the peak being the Werewolf Queen (人狼女王, Jinrō Joō) or Reine de Garous (レーネ・デ・ガルウ, Rēne de Garuu), so Turenne ancestry is called the Queen Class (女王クラス, Joō Kurasu).

During the Anglo-French Hundred Years' War, the current Queen predecessor fought alongside "Bluebeard" to save Jeanne d'Arc, with her werewolves serving as the left flank unit during the assault. In modern days, there are very few survivors remaining of this proud race.

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