Yoshiaki wf

Yoshiaki Mogami, a Nine-tailed Werefox.

Werefoxes (人狐, Jinko) are a race of shape-shifting fox humanoid species similar to the Werewolves. An species that mixes both the properties of a human and a fox. Like Werewolves, they can use the Beast Modulation (獣変調, Kemono Henchō), but as conditions to active it are lenient for Werefoxes, they can revert to their true nature more often.


Same as the Werewolves, Werefoxes can acquire human form and coexist inside human society thanks to its shapeshifting abilities, more permissive to this race of Therianthropes with the requisites to transform back into their fox forms being easier. When they get tense or in a extreme situation, their fox ears and tails come out showing their true natures.

It seems that there are various types of Werefox, like how Yoshiaki Mogami, with nine tails, is called a Great Fox (大狐, Dai Kitsune). As it's implied that Yoshiaki parents were hunted, it's not known if there's more Werefoxes in the present day aside her and Komahime.

Known WerewolvesEdit

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