A vessel classification system is implemented by the Testament Union to categorize ships that are of a similar design, more specifically its overall length; a separate system might be implemented to classify vessels according to purpose (like separating warships to merchant vessels, etc.).

List of Ship ClassesEdit


The Musashi, with its overall length of more than 7000 meters, puts it within the Bahamut class, although it is 2000 meters short of the upper limit.

Ships are classified by its length, and is designated a name based on mythological serpent-like creatures from Middle Age literature.
  • Unclassified - shorter than 12 meters
  • Wyvern-class - 12 to 36 meters
  • Dragon-class - 36 to 108 meters
  • Kraken-class - 108 to 324 meters
  • Jormungandr-class - 324 to 972 meters
  • Ziz-class - 972 to 2916 meters
  • Bahamut-class - 2916 to 9748 meters
  • Leviathan-class - longer than 9748 meters


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