Ushinao Houjou is the Chancellor and Student Council President of the Student Council of the Sanadawara Academy in the Union of Indian States. She is an automaton doll with giant gravity swords as her weapon of choice.


At birth, Ushinao was an elf with health problems, so her soul was transferred into an automaton body.


During the third arc, when Musashi is in IZUMO for repairs, Satomi Ushinao Houjou with Kurou Yoshitsune Minamoto and Yoshiyasu, stop a fight between some of Musashi and four of the Ten Sanada Braves. Ushinao

Ushinao Houjou on novel 5a cover

Houjou, Satomi Yoshiyasu and Kurou Minamoto Yoshitsune ask Musashi to prove themselves, before they can become allies. During the short time that Houjou Ushinao is in Musashi, she meets Noriki, who calls her "princess". She likes Noriki, despite his antisocial appereance. In the battle between Musashi and Hexagone Française, Houjou Ushinao sides with Musashi.

During the fourth arc, Musashi formally joined the Alliance of Kantou (forming the Union Committee), making Musashi and the Union of Indian States official allies.

During the fifth arc she takes a little more prominence, becoming the cover of the 11th Novel (Volume 5A). Her relationship with Noriki develops more in this arc.


She is good in close and mid-ranged combat. She has 4 swords, 2 long and 2 normal katanas (1 meter long each). Due to her automaton body, she gains the ability to manipulate gravity, making her able to use all katanas at once. In addition, she can use a skill called "pinholder". With it she can raise a lot of swords in the space next to her, that attack her enemies. Thanks to this ability, she is a specialist in omnidirectional attacks. Further thanks to her automaton body, she can analyze situations much quicker than other people, reading and sensing her opponents moves even with her eyes closed.

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