Tres Portugal (三征葡萄牙 【トレス・ポルトガル】, Sansei Porutogaru [Toresu Porutogaru]) is the Harmonic Divine State that represents the Sue family in the recreation of Japanese history and the Portuguese Empire in world history.


Portugal was a country that was annexed when the Spanish Ouchi restarted the Reconquista, leaving them without place to escape, so they were defeated and unified under Tres España's flag. Even if they are within a fully unified state, the influence of the Sue clan is still important. They rely on a government based primarily on foreign trade and peaceful political measures, avoiding war openly unless specified by the Testament.

However, since they were only annexed in recent times when Tres España power became too powerful, they are thinking to regain their independence after the Battle of the Armada. Right now, there are a internal dispute within Tres Portugal about wheter or not end the long status quo by rising the flag of independence.


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