Toukichirou Hashiba (羽柴・藤吉郎, Hashiba Toukichirou), or Hideyoshi Toukichirou Hashiba (羽柴・藤吉郎・秀吉, Hashiba Toukichirou Hideyoshi), is a student of P.A.O.M. and the Student Council Vice President of M.H.R.R.. She is also ranked sixth in P.A. ODA's Five Great Peaks.

History recreation will give her the role of the military commander that unified the land of Japan; for the meantime, however, she is currently the aide-de-camp of M.H.R.R.'s Student Council President (and later Chancellor) Matias. Aside from her role as Toukichirou Hashiba, she also inherits the name of Bishop Melchior Klesl, allowing her to own her personal army called the "Ten Spears".

She is eventually revealed to be an automaton created to let Nobunaga Oda interact with the outside world, since Nobunaga's body can only be active for two hours a day. Her designation is P-02m.


Information about her was scarce outside P.A. ODA and M.H.R.R. Her appearance is that of an automaton with a petite build that resembles a young girl, her face occluded by a monkey mask. She also owns a weapon that resembles a closed folding fan, whose abilities are unknown, but was capable of nullifying a direct hit from Horizon's Lype Katathlipse.

When she takes off her mask, she is revealed to look exactly like a black-haired Horizon Ariadust.


Toukichirou is noted by most people in P.A. ODA and M.H.R.R. for her serious and honest personality. However, she talks rather hesitantly, and often mutters the phrase "politics of fear" (恐怖政治, Kyoufuseiji).


During the recreation of the Sack of Magdeburg, she alongside Toshiie Maeda took pursuit of the Far Eastern vessel Musashi while aboard the P.A. ODA vessel Azuchi. Later, during the recreation of the Bunroku Era (1592-1596), to speed up the process of reproducing the Battle of Mitakigahara, she participates in the destruction of Edo Bay and the initiation of a general offensive against Korea (represented by the Satomi family).

Later, she would work together with Nobunaga Oda's forces in an attempt to solve the problem with the Apocalypse, which consists of attacking their future enemy, the Matsudaira family, and the demand of the surrender and execution of "Masanori Naruse", the name given to Malga Naruze. In an unexpected turn of events, Yoshiyori Satomi the Second of the Satomi family takes up the historical name of "Masanori Naruse" and launches a suicide attack on the Azuchi, bringing the Battle of Mitakigahara to an end.

During this attack by Satomi, Toukichirou's arms were heavily injured, but was depicted to resemble prosthetic arms. It is only revealed in Volume 4 that she is denoted as someone of the automaton race.

After the events in the Battle of Mitakigahara, the students of Musashi Ariadust Academy face her once again in an unexpected encounter. She is never seen again after this.

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