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This timeline lists down key events in the history of the GENESIS Era, where the story of Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon belongs to.

Age of the GodsEdit

  • Because of the deterioration of the entire world, the inhabitants of Earth decide to ascend to the heavens.
  • At the heavens, those who have ascended into godhood started to engage in war against each other.
  • As a result of the war, the people who lost their powers seek to return to the Divine States on Earth.

Period of DaybreakEdit

  • Territorial wars break out; the Divine States (the Far East) battle an alliance between the rest of the nations; within two weeks, the total population is reduced by half.
  • With the Divine States driven into the corner, the Emperor takes control of access to the environmental gods.
  • The alliance of nations, the Divine States and Europe sign a truce ending the war between these nations.
  • However, the Kanto provinces, which go against the Far East, spark an internal war amongst the Far Easterners for supremacy; the morning after, the courts (the Northern and Southern Courts?) decide to suppress the province of Mutsu (present day northeastern Japan).
  • The Present-World Harmonic Plan was initiated.
  • The Party of 700 Travelers establish contact with the environmental gods.
  • Relocation plans for the inhabitants of the other countries to the Harmonic Divine States were started.
  • In response to the poor progress in the tuning of the world's distortions, the Testament was created.

History Recreation EraEdit

  • 10,000 BC - History recreation begins. The following 9,000 years are interpreted at 100 times normal.
  • 1000 BC - The following milennium was interpreted at 10 ten times normal, or a tenth of the previous period.
  • 1 AD - History recreation proceeds at realtime (i.e., a period of one year is reinterpreted as a period of the same length).
  • 796 AD
    • The Asamarus, through the Testament Border-Crossing Party, arrive in European territory.
    • The elder king of the Dragon Race falls.
  • 825 AD
    • The Taira family is formed.
    • The first established towns in the surface were transferred from Mutsu Province to the Russian territory.
  • 854 AD - Novgorod is established.
  • 862 AD - Members of the Savage Tribe who inhabit Novgorod were gathered and underwent an urbanization program.
  • 1248
    • The "Pied Piper of Hamelin" Incident occured.
    • As part of his central role as part of the Testament Border-Crossing Party, Tokiyori Houjou tracks down any surviving members of the Dragon Race in Sicily.
  • about 1450
    • The "Forbidden City" Incident occured.
    • The Sacred Maiden (Joan d'Arc) is executed.
  • 1457
  • 1488
  • 1548 - The Testament unexpectedly stops updating itself.
  • 1598
  • 1613 - Horizon's mother travels to IZUMO.
  • 1618
  • 1620 - The new Testament Border-Crossing Party was dissolved.
  • 1623 - The Battles of Lepanto and Itsukushima take place.
  • 1628
    • Attacks against members of the Amago Clan ceased.
    • The Houjou Clan takes a gamble on the next generation.
    • The Catholics scheme on expanding into the Far East.
    • Tadatsugu Sakai and others had an unofficial confrontation with members of the Dragon Race in the ruins of the Sanada Clan.
    • IZUMO becomes a neutral city.
  • 1630 - Horizon's mother, alongside Yoshiki Aoi, travels around the Far East within three months.
  • 1633
    • Nobuyasu Matsudaira was spirited away.
    • Tadatsugu Sakai, to fulfill Nobuyasu's last request, destroys the ruins of the Sanada Clan.
    • P.A. ODA forms a temporary alliance with the Matsudaira family.
  • 1635 - The 13th Mutsu Invitational Academy collapses.
  • 1638
    • April 21: Horizon Ariadust is killed in a carriage accident in the Musashi.
    • P.A. ODA officially establishes its alliance with the Matsudaira family.
    • The Musashi undergoes major repairs in IZUMO.
    • Tadatsugu Sakai is demoted.
    • Evacuation of all of Mikawa's inhabitants were initiated.
    • The Shin-Nagoya Castle begins its construction.
    • The Mortal Sin Armaments are constructed.
    • The Hashiba family begins giving support to the Amago Clan.
    • Ujinao Houjou is officially given her inherited name.
    • Noriki's parents committed suicide.
  • 1640
    • Nobunaga Oda receives his/her role in history recreation.
    • Mt. Hiei is set ablaze.
    • M.H.R.R. establishes an alliance with the Hashiba family.
    • The Massacre of Novgorod takes place.
    • Nate Mitotsudaira starts having quarrels with her mother.
    • Toori Aoi and his sister Kimi visit their sick great-grandmother.
  • 1641 - Makiko Oriotorai graduates from her formal education in Musashi Ariadust Academy.
  • 1642 - Nate receives her choker.
  • 1645 - Noriki arrives in the Musashi.
  • 1646
    • Walter Raleigh and Milton were washed away to the shores of England.
    • M.H.R.R. performs a complete merge with the Hashiba family.
    • The Noritoki Masaki Rebellion takes place.
    • Mitsuki Sanyou is reappointed to the Musashi.
    • Louis EXIV officially receives his role in history recreation.
    • The Ten Spears are officially formed.
  • 1647
    • Masazumi's mother was spirited away.
    • P-01s arrives at the Musashi.
    • Masazumi was admitted into the Musashi.
  • 1648

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