The Testament Border-Crossing Party (聖譜越境部, Seifu Ekkyō-bu) is said to be a department created to solve the problems that arise carrying out History Recreation. They are murmured to be the successors of the Party of 700 Travelers (七百人踏破隊, Shichihyaku Hitotōha-tai).


It is said that when a critical situation cannot be solved by following the reproduction of history, a small elite force is authorized to resolve even if it means to ignore Testament reenactment. Even with how famous is in all the countries the legend of this corps existence, this unit does not really belong to any of them. As is not present in the Testament history, the Harmonic Divine States deny the reality of such division, with all information erased as if they never existed to preserve historical faithfulness. Even so, the Testament Border-Crossing Party is a very popular subject as it's classic material used to fuel doujinshis.

One of their operations was after 1052 TE, when war erupted at the end of the Heian period and the Earth Pulses began to malfunction frequently. As the effects were even perceived in the Harmonic Divine States, this unit ignored the Emperor's order based on History Recreation and crossed the Divine States border to solve the problem. It seems they were also related to the extermination of the Dragon species after the Germanic migrations and the attack on Sicily against survivors of said genus.

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