The Song of Passage (通し道歌, Tooshidouka) is a traditional Japanese folk song that is famous in the Far East. It is included in the Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Original Soundtrack and was released with the other songs and music used throughout the series.


Romaji TranslationEdit

Toorimase toorimase
Ikaba izuko ga hosomichi nareba
Tenjin moto he to itaru hosomichi
Goiken gomuyou toorenu totemo
Kono ko no too no oiwai ni
Ryou no ofuda wo osame ni sanzu
Iki wa yoi nagi kaeri wa kowaki
Wa ga naka kowaki no tooshi kana

English TranslationEdit

Let us pass, let us pass
Where does this narrow path lead?
This is the narrow pathway to the gods in heaven
Your thoughts do not matter; you cannot pass
To celebrate this child’s tenth
I must make an offering with these talismans
Going in may be pleasant, but returning is scary
Can I pass despite my fears?


  • This song appears to be a variation of the popular Japanese nursery song, "Tooryanse".