San Mercado
San mercado
Name in Japanese "清らか大市"
Romaji Translation Kiyoraka Daishi
Basic Information
Affiliation Tres España
Specialties Student uniforms, flying ships

San Mercado (Spanish, "清らか大市", Kiyoraka Daishi, lit., "Pure Metropolis") is the state-run industrial guild of Tres España. They are known for creating the uniforms for the students of Alcalá de Henares and the development of Tres España's flying ships and Gods of War.

According to Malga Naruze, San Mercado "procures many offensive countryside parts under the pretense of the Reconquista".

San Mercado is considered to be in its infancy if technology and expertise is concerned, and the Gods of War made by San Mercado use parts developed by K.P.A. Italia.

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