San lorenzo

The San Lorenzo flying dangerously close to the Musashi.

The San Lorenzo (サン・ロレンソ, San Rorenso) is a Kraken-class flying command warship which acts as the main attack vessel of Tres España. The captain of this vessel is Fusahide Era.


The San Lorenzo is a flying ship with a slender shape and two large "wings" on either side of the ship. These "wings" are composed of eight equal sections, which are in fact deployment modules for its military units, who utilize a take off procedure similar to that of track and field athletes.

The ship appears to be more of a large-scale personnel carrier instead of a destroyer, as it has only showed its capabilities of deploying units in battle and is yet to show any weaponry.


The Musashi on Enemy TerritoryEdit

After the battle between the forces of the Testament Union against the Far Eastern flying ship Musashi, the fleeing ship reaches the area of Shimonoseki. In response to the sudden appearance of the Musashi on Tres Espanian airspace, the country orders the deployment of the San Lorenzo to intercept the Musashi.


  • The San Lorenzo is possibly patterned after the ship of the same name, which belonged to the Squadron of Naples of the Spanish Armada.