ShinTakeda Uniform

Qing-Takeda (清武田, Shin-Takeda) is the Harmonic Divine State that is ruled by China which took the name of Takeda clan. It's localizated in the Kantou region.

Elves play a central role; it is a large country with a mobile city-state. Naomasa’s mother country. Not only because of the geography of the country, but also because there are many who want to succeed the throne, and because it is separate from the European countries, where the Testament Union is based, there are many strong warriors who reign. The primary educational institution is the Kagura Academy (CH: Juéluó Academy).


  • The ideal name of the origin of Qing Takeda is mostly based from Qing Dynasty China and Takeda Clan, another clan from the Sengoku Era.

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