Pedro Valdes (ぺデロ・バルデス, Pedero Barudesu) is a student of Tres España's Alcalá de Henares and the older brother of Flores Valdes. He belongs to the Chancellor's Board of Alcalá de Henares as its 4th Special Agent, and is a specialist in baseball pitching. He and Flores are called as the "Four Balls of Death" (死四球, Shishikyuu) because of their destructive pitching abilities.


  • Ability: El fuego de St. Elmo (Spanish, lit., "St. Elmo's Fire") - Pedro and Flores' special ability which empowers their next pitch with the destructive power of fire. This empowered ball will also teleport through obstacles such as enemy shields, making them a frightening ability to fight against even when carrying ample defense.

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