Oichi (御市様, Oichi-sama) is a citizen of P.A. ODA. She is the younger sister of P.A.M.'s Chancellor and Student Council President Nobunaga Oda and the wife of Katsuie Shibata.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Oichi is a woman with a feminine appearance, with purple eyes and black hair adorned with a hair accessory on one side. She is also a very competent and a calm person with a skill for cooking and a knack for gardening. However, she possesses a "battle switch" of sorts, which transforms her personality into a frightening killing machine when triggered.

It is unknown if she is a human or an archdemon, although her appearance is predominantly human.


Oichi was originally prepared to inherit a particular historical name, and in order to fit this name's role, she underwent several procedures to vastly improve her physical ability. During those procedures, Oichi's gentle personality was scrapped in exchange for strength. However, as she slowly manifests the traits needed for that historical name, she loses her rights to claim the name due to some unknown reason and was suddenly assigned to the role of Oichi-no-kata.

Following rumors, looks like Oichi held the dead corpse of Nagasama Azai and it's possible that she alone defeated an army of 3,000 soldiers, but there aren't any details about this. Currently, Oichi and Katsuie Shibata are happily married and she enjoys her life being married to Katsuie. In fact, Oichi makes bento for Katsuie everytime he goes to battle. She plans to live happily with Katsuie and try to obtain a revenge battle against Hideyoshi Toukichirou Hashiba as history says. However, it seems that she is susceptible to sickness.


In Volume 4 she goes on rampage when Nate Mitotsudaira and Tenzou Crossunite cut Katsuie's right arm in battle. Toori Aoi is able to bring her back to her senses, and the Tachibana couple (Muneshige and Gin) confronts her. When they slice her right arm too, she is relieved as "She matches with Katsuie again". Both their arms are attached again by Volume 5.


In battle, Oichi uses bare hands in fighting, stealing weapons from her enemies and using those weapons against them while spinning around in the battlefield. She also fights with her head hung low, her long locks covering her face, making her a difficult opponent to predict. Olympia from K.P.A. Italia "lent" her one of the Testamenta Arma, the Caput Fides Vetus.

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