The Nikyou Crest (二境紋, Nikyou-mon, lit. "two-boundary crest") is an enigmatic mark that appears whenever a case of Lost Nobles takes place.


Koushikakushi l

A Nikyou Crest found during the spiriting away of Masazumi Honda's mother.

A Nikyou Crest appears as a circle with a straight horizontal line in the middle. It looks as if the mark was drawn using red ink, and at times, a phrase accompanies the mark.

Most of the time, a Nikyou Crest is found near the last place a person is located before he or she is spirited away, and a phrase is related to the person spirited away can be found under it. Sometimes, for reasons unknown, the Nikyou Crest will glow before fading away, leaving the phrase behind.

Currently, the origins of the Nikyou Crest remain unknown, but are assumed to be related to the expected apocalypse.

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