The New World (新大陸, Shintairiku) refers to Hokkaido, also called the unexplored land of Ezo, the territory that corresponds to America in the world history recreation. Left undeveloped for history recreation by the Testament Union, and currently under surveillance to watch for any peculiarities and colonized by Tres España with Las Casas, New World On-site Treasurer, at charge.


America obtained their allocated territory, the unexplored land of Ezo, and settled in the Divine States without the need to confront against the shugo. As a result, America was able to conduct its activities with no constraints.

It is worth mentioning that America is a land inhabited by mechanical beasts (mechanical dragons and mechanical phoenixes) based on a mercenary industry that provides its military potential to other foreign countries. The Testament's influence in America is very limited, but that also allows the direct intervention of the other countries.


  • Article on "New World" in the @wiki on Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.
  • Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Encylopedia Chapter 1 - "The obtaining of the absolute control of the Far East and the merging of the shugo officers with all the countries" p.22

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