Holland (阿蘭陀, Oranda) is a Tres España's territory within the land that represents the Spanish Netherlands in world history. According to the Testament, during Carlos I period the influence of the Protestant Reformation extended to this region, starting a war between the new creed and Spain. The country is divided between the Old School Belgium (白耳義, Berugī) and Holland. Independence will be finally achieved during the Peace of Westphalia.


Holland has put into action a movement for independence from Spain and is currently searching for for a power capable of opposing the Ouchi. Since they are Protestants, negotiating with Hashiba is not possible, so for now they can only sit back and wait.

Although Holland could offer a joint government to the Mouri, the internal influence of the New School is being countered and the power of Holland is not able to to show their independence by overtaking the Catholic faction of Belgium in the south. It is appropriate to mention that companies around the world were invited to the area, being a trade center where many countries' companies have placed their headquarters.


Independent Academy of HollandEdit

  • Chancellor and Student Council President: Oranje


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