Minoru Kawakami (川上稔, Kawakami Minoru) is a Japanese light novel writer and game creator. He is the author of the Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon light novel series, which belongs to a series of works that belong to a single universe of works.

List of WorksEdit

Dengeki BunkoEdit

  • CITY Series
    • Panzerpolis 1935
    • Aerial City
    • Feng Shui Metropolis: Hong Kong
    • City of Re(Dis)sonance: Osaka
    • City of Isolation: Paris
    • Armored City: Berlin
    • City of Electronic Words DT
  • AHEAD Series
    • Owari no Chronicle
  • GENESIS Series
    • Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

Mail Order-only PublicationsEdit

  • CITY Series
    • City of Beginnings and Elegance: San Francisco
    • City of Contradictions: Tokyo
  • Etc.
    • Those Who Compile Their Experiences

Dengeki Tankoubon ReleasesEdit

  • FORTH Series
    • Rapid-fire Ruler

Game ReleasesEdit

  • CITY Series
    • City of Re(Dis)sonance: Osaka
  • Etc.
    • Twelve ~Sengoku Sealed Gods Tale~

Drama CDEdit

  • CITY Series
    • Panzerpolice -Welcome to the Armored City, Berlin!-
  • AHEAD Series
    • Owari no Chronicle

Other Works Edit

  • OBSTACLE Series
  • Etc.
    • Aeba Tatakau Yatsura
    • Aeba Koisuru Otomera
    • Aeba Koisuru Yatsura
    • Kogare
    • After Day Kikoubun

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