The Lost Nobles Incident (公主隠し, Koushi Kakushi) are a chain of disappearances that have occurred during recent times. These cases of people who suddenly disappear are linked to a mysterious person called the "Noble", and these events leave behind a distinguishable mark called the Nikyou Crest.

List of Noted Lost NoblesEdit


Information about the Lost Nobles Incident in a Sign Frame.

  • Naomasa Ii -> "There's no time to play around" (もう遊べない, Mou asobenai)
  • Yasumasa Sakakibara -> "What are you doing?" (何をしているの, Nani wo shiteiru no)
  • Masazumi Honda's mother -> Unknown
  • Henry VIII -> "Long time my friend"
  • Richelieu -> Unknown
  • Remorse Way Noble -> "Please Kill me all"
  • Oranje -> "Is Mitsuhide-kun (Akechi) still not around?" (みつひでくんはまだ?, Mitsuhide-kun wa mada?)

See alsoEdit

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