Mishina3 mld

Mishina III, a Living Dead Mummy.

Living Dead (リビングデッド, Ribingudeddo) or the Moving Bodies (動死体, Dō shitai) are literally, reanimated bodies by supernatural forces or means. As they are mostly manipulated by Abilities, Living Deads usually lack free will and just follow the summoner orders mindlessly, but it seems that there are some cases of individuals with will on their own. They have self-destructive tendencies.

During the Massacre of Novgorod recreation, 80000 people were supposed to die following History Recreation, but the number was reduced by converting 4 to 1 (20000 people) and using Living Deads to fulfill the quota.

There is some members of this race (like a Janitor) in Musashi's Ariadust Academy, but it's unknown if it's being manipulated by an ability or not. Mishina III, who runs a dried foods restaurant called Hirusu, it's part of a Living Dead sub-type, the Mummies (ミイラ, Mīra).

Known Living DeadEdit


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