Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Volume 1A
Volume 1A cover
Date of Release September 10, 2008
ISBN Numbers ISBN 4048672185
ISBN 978-4048672184
Number of Pages 543 pages
Cover Character P-01s
Next Volume Volume 1B

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The Divine States — Japan. Set in medieval times, divided and conquered by many countries.

That flying city-vessel composed of eight ships, the Musashi, continues its journey across the skies in a very distant future.

After the Harmonic Unification War, the fate of mankind rests in the "Testament", which acts as a basis for the recreation of history performed by many mations. Also, amidst the different predictions and decisions made, mankind decides opens up the path to the future ahead. At this stage where the different worlds of the medieval times overlap, academies, through their students, initiate disputes with other nations!

The interval between the AHEAD Series Owari no Chronicle and the CITY Series is finally realized, and the magnificent story of the GENESIS Series begins at last.

Chapter ListEdit

  • Prologue - Those Lined Up Before the Horizon
  • Chapter 01 - Chance Meeting
  • Chapter 02 - The Classroom's Wrecking Crew
  • Chapter 03 - Innocents at the Table
  • Chapter 04 - The Foreigner King
  • Chapter 05 - Those Reunited Under the Fair Sky
  • Chapter 06 - Fated Ones Beyond the Door
  • Chapter 07 - Philosophers Atop the Stairs
  • Chapter 08 - Doubters in the Depths of a Ravine
  • Chapter 09 - The One Waiting Beyond the Door
  • Chapter 10 - Commandos In Town
  • Chapter 11 - Adults in the Pub
  • Chapter 12 - Innocents in Remorse Way
  • Chapter 13 - The Authorities at the Rendezvous Point
  • Chapter 14 - Covert Operatives Under the Night Sky
  • Chapter 15 - Gathered Friends in the Confined Room
  • Chapter 16 - Those Who Prepare in the Courtyard
  • Chapter 17 - Usurper in the Street
  • Chapter 18 - The School Teacher
  • Chapter 19 - Soarers in the Sky
  • Chapter 20 - Graduates Under the Moon

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