The Juppon-yari (十本槍, lit., "Ten Spears") is an M.H.R.R.-based private military group owned by Toukichirou Hashiba as Melchior Klesl. The group itself is based on the Seven Spears of Shizugatake (賤ヶ岳の七本槍, Shizugatake no Nanahon-yari), a group of seven samurai who served as Toyotomi Hideyoshi's mounted bodyguards.

The group is composed of members of different races, all of which Hashiba adores regardless. Each of the ten members of the Juppon-yari wear an armor plate which has the word SPEER-xx ("speer" is German for "spear"), with the xx corresponding to the member's designated number, from 1 to 10, and each of the members are also called as "the nth spear", again referring to the member's designation in the group.

It seems that all of the members are on their second year of senior high school, and possess a similarity with key members of the Musashi Ariadust Academy's Student Council and Chancellor's Board.

List of Known MembersEdit

This lists down the members of the Juppon-yari alongside their Musashi Ariadust Academy counterpart/s and the basis/es of similarity.

Name Musashi Counterpart Position Feature/s
Leader Toukichirou Hashiba Horizon Ariadust/P-01s Vicereine Automaton, Weapons possessed
SPEER-01 Masanori Fukushima Futayo Honda Vice-Chancellor Dark-haired girl with ponytail hairstyle, formal speech, abilities
SPEER-02 Kiyomasa Katou Mary 1st Special Agent From England, well-endowed, blonde, weapon possessed
SPEER-03 Mitsunari Ishida Unknown ? Woman who monitors information, "Musashi"'s counterpart?
SPEER-04 Yoshiaki Katou Margot Naito 3rd Special Agent Technohexen, yuri relationship, well-endowed, blonde
SPEER-05 Yasuharu Wakisaka Malga Naruze 4th Special Agent Technohexen, yuri relationship, flatter chest, dark-haired
SPEER-06 Nagayasu Hirano Tomo Asama Sniper miko, well-endowed
SPEER-07 Koroku Hachisuka Naomasa 6th Special Agent Cold speech, Four Divine Gods of War
SPEER-08 Takenori Kasuya (Handle Name: "Black Wolf") Nate Mitotsudaira 5th Special Agent Ojou-sama speech, Werewolf
SPEER-09 Hanbei Takenaka Shirojiro Bertoni
Heidi Augesvarer
Toussaint Neshinbara
Thomas Shakespeare?
Economist, wears glasses, tactician, elf
SPEER-10 Katsumoto Katagiri Masazumi Honda
Suzu Mukai
Vice-President Dark haired, wears men's clothing, master of negotiation, interpreter of external data

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