The Izumo Industrial Guild (出雲産業座, Izumo Sangyouza) is a conglomerate of companies which provide various services to its clients in the Far East. Its base of operations is located in the Izumo district, a floating island located within the boundary of Hexagone Française, and is led by Yuu Izumo.

Among the companies which comprise the guild is its main brand IZUMO, as well as Shirasago Enterprises, which specialize in Shinto-related merchandise. The logo of Izumo can be found in many things in the Far East and Musashi, including the hard points equipped by Far Easterners, Naomasa's wrench, and Makiko Oriotorai's longsword, as well as in the simplest objects such as wall clocks.

Izumo is also known in the fields of flying ship construction, with the Musashi as its greatest creations, as well as in the provision of basic life necessities and the development of Divine Transmission technology. The guild has also shown a deep connection with Shinto.

During the Mikawa Meltdown, Izumo helped Motonobu Matsudaira in evacuating the inhabitants of Mikawa before the fateful event.

Izumo's base of operations is located in a floating island which is part of Hexagone Francaise, in which many Far Easterners reside; one notable fact is the number of inhabitants there which are close relatives of those who live in Musashi. Thus, many of the teaching staff in Musashi Ariadust Academy probably originated from Izumo.

List of Affiliate CompaniesEdit

  • Shirasago Enterprise - Specializes in Shinto-type merchandise
  • IZUMO - Main brand of Izumo; notable for producing sports drinks
  • Izumo Divine Transmission - Izumo's communications provider, handling services for Divine Transmission networks in the Far East
  • Bizen - Provides raw materials, specifically minerals, for Hexagone Francaise and M.H.R.R.
  • Mosa Burger - Izumo-based fastfood chain
  • INARIFOX - Company that specializes in mouse contracts

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