Humans (人間, Ningen) or the Mankind is the most common and numerous race on the Divine States and the Harmonic Divine States in the GENESIS Era. Humanity once rose to the heavens like gods, but they warred and lost the divine powers they had, so there was a need to restart our world's history, beginning the age of the History Recreation with the heavenly book that permits it, the Testament.


Humans are a very widespread kind in the world of the Testament Era, with them being almost in all the lands that make the Far East. Originally, because of the deterioration of the environment of the planet Earth, humanity went to inhabit the heavens. Among those who became gods war arose and the realm of heaven, the realm of hell and even destiny collapsed, so mankind once again returned to Earth and thanks to the local nature gods they remained on the land to which they had descended, the Divine States (神州, Shinshuu).

As they were unable to leave the archipelago even when they regained some of their divine powers, a new war ravaged between the descendants of those who had lived in the area during the former Earth Age and the descendants of those from other countries. As a solution, people copied the Divine States in a differing space, creating the Harmonic Divine States (重奏神州, Juusou Shinshuu). The humans of the other countries left off to this new realm, and they only came back when Divine Tools which controlled the environmental gods and the Earth Pulse that sustained the Harmonic World had been lost during the recreation Nanboku-chō War in 1457 TE, marking the beginning of the Harmonic Unification War (重奏統合争乱, Juusou Tougou Souran) and the conquest of the Divine States by them.

This events started the actual political situation and explain the current ethnical variety in the Far East and the Divine States in 1648 TE. The Divine States are populated by the descendants of the original residents of the Far East, named the Far Easterners (極東人, Kyokutō hito), currently considered sinners due to their fault of the fall of the Harmonic Divine States. The Far East is also seized by the Descendants of the World Countries (世界各国の末裔, Sekaikakukoku no matsuei) from the former age, like the Spaniards (スペイン人, Supein hito) from Tres España or the Britons (英国人, Igirisu hito) from England.

Human races are also very capable to make offspring with another species, with known cases of fairy and human hybrids, half-elves and even Loup Garou-human progeny.


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