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Horizon Arc is an introductory story arc of the Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon series. This arc primary focuses on two main event that involved Musashi Ariadust Academy, which also includes its residents Toori Aoi and his friends and allies: The first event is about the Mikawa Meltdown Incident that resulted from an invasion attempt from a joint-invaders Tres España and K.P.A. Italia; the second event revolves Toori and friends attempt to rescue his acquaintance P-01s (whose name also known as Horizon by Toori) from the Testament Union's arrest.


The Divided States' OriginsEdit

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Daily Life in Musashi Ariadust AcademyEdit

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Mikawa Meltdown IncidentEdit

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P-01s Arrest as HorizonEdit

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Horizon Rescue CampaignEdit

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Story ImpactEdit

  • The aftermath of Mikawa Meltdown Incident not only resulted the death of Motonobu and Tadatatsu and inflicts some property damages within academy, it also further escalated Musashi Ariadust Academy's already intense rivalry against both Tres España and K.P.A. Italia altogether,
    • P-01 was taken as prisoner as Horizon to yield responsible for the incident on Musashi's behalf, though the latter rescued by Toori and the Ariadust Musashi students.
    • Logismoi Óplo is explained as Motonobu's creations and a source of a war between Harmonic Divine State for its power.
    • Muneshige had to put on a sickbed and nursed by Gin after suffered an injury during the Mikawa Meltdown Incident.
  • P-01s's origin is explored where she is created as a reincarnated of Toori's deceased childhood friend, Horizon Ariadust. The real Horizon's death motivated Toori to protect P-01 from future incidents while subsiding his own sadness, one that kills him should his power is unleashed.
  • The following aftermath of P-01's (whose name now called as Horizon by Toori and friends) return to Musashi not only further makes Musashi Ariadust Academy as an enemy of the Testament Union, it also embarks Musashi's adventure to regain the remaining Logismoi Óplo to regain Horizon's lost emotions and prevent the world's destruction.
    • The defeat of the Tres España-K.P.A. Italia Alliance originally force Muneshige to retire as Alcala de Henares's 1st Special Agent, though the order later scrapped as Tres España would shift its focus on attacking the Musashi in the next story arc.
    • Horizon herself enrolls as the academy's newer student as one of 3-Pulm students.
    • P.A. ODA made its brief appearance where its Five Great Peaks members confront Tadatsugu and Makiko from their airship, foreshadowing their future rivalries in the later arcs.


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