A handle name (ハンドル・ネーム, Handoru Neemu) is a unique name used by Chat System users to identify themselves. It consists of three characters (which include alphanumeric characters, kana and kanji characters, and symbols) that is often related to the user. Instead of the person's name, their handle name appears instead, accompanied by their respective avatar, which changes according to that user's emotions.

Handle Name ListEdit

Note: This list corresponds to the order of characters listed on this article. Those not listed do not have a known handle name. Enclosed in parentheses are the handle names in Japanese, with the meanings preceding them. An exception to this are those who use numbers as handle names; enclosed in brackets are how they are supposed to be read as.

Far EastEdit

K.P.A. ItaliaEdit

Tres EspañaEdit


P.A. ODAEdit

  • Nobunaga Oda - Demon King (魔王)
  • Katsuie Shibata - Veteran (大先輩)
  • Toshiie Maeda - O-Maeda (お前田)
  • Narimasa Sassa - Yurihana (百合花)
  • Hideyoshi Toukichirou Hashiba - Monkey Kid (さるこ)
  • Yoshitaka Kuki - Nine Horns (九本角)
  • Magoichi Suzuki - Three-Legged (三本足)
  • Kazumasa Takigawa - Three Helmets
  • Hisahide Danjou Matsunaga - Suicide Bomber (自爆男)
  • Oichi - Oichi-nii (お12)
  • Mitsuharu Fuwa - Fuwaa (ふわあ)
  • Nagayoshi Mori - Morii (モリー)

Hexagone FrançaiseEdit

  • Louis Exiv - Sun King (太陽王)
  • Turenne - Active Lady (現役娘)
  • Terumoto Mouri - Moto-yan (元ヤン)
  • Luynes - Dragon Dog (竜犬)
  • Anne D'Autriche - ANA


  • Gozen Tomoe - Gozen-sama (午前様)
  • Masanori Fukushima - Single-minded Principle (一本槍) -> Shito'o (しとお)
  • Kiyomasa Katou - Kyo-masa (巨正)
  • Hanbe'e Takenaka - Black Bamboo (黒竹)
  • Katsumoto Katagiri - mouth-mouth-forehead (口口凸)
  • Guericke - Hemisphere Man (半球男)
  • Mitsunari Ishida - Mittsu "Nari" [lit., three "nari"s] (成成成)

Sviet Rus'Edit

  • Kagekatsu Uesugi - Public: Thunder Emperor (雷帝), Private: Kage-V (かげV)
  • Kanetsugu Naoe - Lover (愛人)
  • Saito Tomonobu - Tomo no Bu (朝の部)
  • Shigenaga Honjou - Shige-ko (繁子)

Sibir Interior StateEdit

  • Kagetsuna Katakura - Kagetsuna-kun (景綱君)
  • Masakage Rusu - Keeper (留守居)
  • Yoshiaki Mogami - Nine-tailed Girl (九尾娘)

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