Drake hw

Francis Drake, a Half-Wolf.

Half-Wolves (ハードウルフ, Hādourufu) or the Part-wolves (半狼, Hanōkami) are a race of wolfmen human eating beings, fusion between a wolf or humanoid wolf with a human being, as it seems there are two patterns of human-wolf amalgamation. They cannot revert their wolf forms and they are not to be mistaken with the Werewolves.


Half-Wolves are beastly beings very similar to the werewolves found in folclore. They have very big builds, hair across their whole bodies and wolf-like features like snout, tail, claws or fangs. Known due to their strong bodies and speed far beyond those of wolves or men and regenerative aptitudes that makes damage not dealt by silver weapons very difficult to work on them. One of their racial abilities is called the War Cry (ウオークライ, Uōkurai) or "Wolf Cannon" ("狼砲", Ōkami-hō), a howl emitted thanks to their huge lung capacity. Norse Viking warriors used similar war yells in battle by divine permission of their war gods, showing its usefulness in combat. This attack is based on a howl used when a wolf pack hunts down its prey, used as an attack by half-wolves. It knocks down any prey it hits, and can also bring them into a state of shock. Francis Drake War Cry is powerful enough to blow off ivy plants firmly rooted in stone walls and destroy sturdy wood structures.

Those beasts have strong human flesh devouring tendencies, to live in society they need a license to buy human flesh at stores. As the one behind the Jean Grenier Incident was a Half-Wolf, it was decided that all the human flesh eaters will be called Lycantropes (狼藉者「ライカンスロープ」, Rōzeki-sha - Raikansurōpu).

In the AHEAD Era, even before the Age of Gods and during the Former Earth Age, Half-Wolves were the inhabitants of the 1st-G in the Owari no Chronicle series (wich would mean they've lost abilities, since 1st-G werewolves turned into beast-form under certain conditions, like when in anger, and they could revert to human forms, as seen at their deaths, when they forcefully become human).

Known Half-WolvesEdit

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