Nate hww

Nate Mitotsudaira, a Half-Werewolf.

Half-Werewolves (半人狼, Hanjinrō) also known as Demi Loup-Garou (デミ・ルウガルウ, Demi Ruugaruu) are a wolf humanoid species different from the Half-Wolves and carriers of Werewolves blood. Half-werewolf and half-human, inherits a werewolf basical physical abilities with the extent depending on the family line and still inferior to a normal Werewolf. The only known case of a Half-Werewolf is Nate Mitotsudaira.


Physically this race looks very similar to a normal Werewolf human form, but the mixed nature of a Half-Werewolf blood makes impossible to perform Beast Modulation and transform into a monster. However a Demi Loup-Garou body sports a tremendous physical ability, superior senses, natural regeneration, superhuman strength and overall durabilty. A Half-Werewolf inherits the carnivorous tendencies of Loup-Garous so it needs to eat meat to keep an optimal health condition, but as seen with Nate, doesn't need to be human flesh thanks to her own hybrid condition and racial self-evolving qualities. Half-Werewolves nerve sensivity is so developed that as happens with dogs, nerves are present even inside the nails.

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