Ulqui hd

Kiyonari Urquiaga, an Aviation Half-Dragon.

Half-Dragons (半竜, Hanryū) is race of human-type draconic beings that evolved to their current state during the Age of Gods under unknown circunstances. Their kind is recognized by the use their Dragon Breath (ドラゴンブレス, Doragonburesu) to fly and how they remodeled themselves to resist high gravitational forces. Probably related to the species of the same name featured in the AHEAD Era series Owari no Chronicle, so this is a race that existed even from before the GENESIS Era. A very uncommon race during the current times.


Half-dragons have a crustacean armored shell and scales that cover their whole bodies so they can use arms or legs as striking weapons, adding that to a powerful strength and robust builds that surpass the 2m high, sharing racial capabilities with both Earthly Dragons and the Archdemons species. They customarily use mechanical beast armors. Similar to their dragon ancestors, half-dragons can gain human form, usually in the figure of handsome individuals with golden colored reptilian eyes. By syphoning the ether in the air, a half-dragon can transform into humanoid to make easier mating and descendancy with plausible human companions.

They altered their own bodies forcing evolution during the stance in the Heavens, so a great number of diverse sub-types and lineages were born at that era. One of these examples of broad racial diversity, is the Aviation species (航空系, Kōkū-kei), a variation that specializes in high-speed flight. Known as the strongest Half-dragon progeny, they can create explosive accelerations and fly for short periods of time by readjusting into a airborn jet position and releasing the compressed air taken into the body through their wings by using the "Dragon Cannon" ("竜砲", Ryūhō) as a plane engine. Thanks to their scales and evolutionary measures, they can withstand the shockwave produced when they surpass the speed of sound. Their golden pupils are due to their high-speed acclimatized optical nerves.

In the AHEAD Era, even before the Age of Gods and during the Former Earth Age, half-dragons were discovered 60 years before World War II, when mankind found ten alternate worlds that exist but with different other physical laws, with the force that supports these alternate worlds called Concept. All these alternate worlds were about to collide and the ones without the most amount of Concept were to be annihilated, so Low-G, a world which has no Positive Concepts of its own, started the Concept War taking all positive concepts and destroying them all to survive. Years later, as Negative Concepts were rapidly expanding in Low-G, UCAT, the team that destroyed the alternate worlds 60 years ago formed the Team Leviathan to begin negotiation with the survivors from all the other worlds, starting line of the Owari no Chronicle series.

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