Grace O’Malley (グレイス・オマリ, Gureisu Omari) is a sea pirate, of Scottish descent, and Elizabeth’s friend. She has a sharp tongue, but a deep sense of duty and morality. Her ship handling skills are absolutely top-notch.


Grace O'Malley is a dryad (a woodland nymph) thus she is almost entirely green. She is married with kids of her own.


Siege Against the MusashiEdit

Upon the orders of Elizabeth, she, aboard the Granuaile, brings fellow TRUMPS members Robert Dudley, William Cecil, Ben Johnson and Thomas Shakespeare to one of the ships comprising the Far East ship Musashi. During this trip, she only stayed inside the Granuaile, waiting for further orders from her colleagues. Meanwhile, the four TRUMPS members who boarded the Musashi fought against members of Musashi Ariadust Academy's Chancellor's Board and Student Council.

Grace later receives a retreat order from Ben Johnson as he notices the unexpected change of plans of the Musashi as it swerves clockwise into the northeastern seaboard of England. Because of Ben's quick decision to fall back, the members of TRUMPS were able to disembark before they are forced outside of the ship by the tremendous speeds created by the Musashi during its maneuver across the English shoreline.


  • She is usually depicted (in the Light Novels at least) with a donut in her mouth or in hand; donuts have become a sort of accessory to her fan-art.

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