Francis Drake (フランシス・ドレーク, Furanshisu Dorēku) is a student of Oxford Academy and one of the members of TRUMPS, being fifth. He is the owner of the Testamenta Arma Brachium Justitia Vetus. He has an aggressive, yet joyful demeanour, with a constant obsession with 'eating' people, as well as a love for milk, which he refers to as a converted state of blood. Whether he does eat people or not is unknown, but nonetheless he also seems to hold a respectful stance to his opponents, but can get easily angered if he is injured.


  • Testamenta Arma: Brachium Justitia Vetus (巨きなる正義・新代, Ookinaru Seigi • Shindai, lit., "Gigantic Justice: New Generation") - One of two Testamenta Arma which represent the virtue of Justice or Temperance. This weapon, taking the form of a large claw-like gauntlet on the right arm, protects the user from anything that defies the justice of England . In results, it achieves similar outcomes to the Mortal Sin Armament Stithos Porneia, as it is capable of stopping enemy attacks so long as said attacks possess an intent to attack England's justice.
    • In practise, it works through different means. Where Stithos Porneia directly steals the ability to attack away from the enemy, Brachium Justitua Vetus thwarts enemy attacks by forced movement of the enemy's attacking body part, thus making them miss. However, despite its seemingly lower ability compared to the Mortal Sin Armament, this Testamenta Arma can remember the pattern of enemy attacks, as well as every movement the enemy does that is involved in making an attack. Therefore, whenever an enemy attacks the same way, the weapon already knows what step they will take in advance and hence thwart them even faster than before. This ability can reach to extents such that, according to Francis, it can know when an enemy is going to attack just by noticing how they 'breathe'. Another extension Brachium Justitua Vetus has over Stithos Porneia is that it can affect anything that threatens the user. Even something as small as nails threatening to prick the user's feet will be forcibly moved to protect him.
  • War Cry - An unusual ability displayed by Francis Drake, by howling in any direction, he is able to fire off a blue-coloured energy burst over a long distance, the size equal to a street in London. Whether it is an inherited abilty from his Half-Wolf blood is unknown. It does, however, seem to have a physical backlash against Francis, as this was exploited by Malga Naruze .

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