The Four Heavenly Kings of the Matsudaira (松平の四天王, Matsudaira no Shitennou) are the term used for the four men who serve under Lord Motonobu Matsudaira of Mikawa. They once served key positions in the Student Council and the Chancellor's Board of the former Mikawa Academy, with Matsudaira leading both groups.

After their graduation from Mikawa Academy, only Tadatsugu Sakai, who became the school president of Musashi Ariadust Academy, and Tadakatsu Honda, who trains his daughter Futayo to lead the Mikawa Security Corps, assume active roles in the military or in politics. Naomasa Ii became a victim of spiriting away before April 20, 1648 TE, while Yasumasa Sakakibara shared a similar fate with Ii during the night of the Mikawa Meltdown Incident.



  • The Four Heavenly Kings of the Matsudaira and its members are derived from the same group of people in history, who serve as the most loyal generals of Ieyasu Tokugawa (whose past name is Motonobu Matsudaira). In turn, the term "four heavenly kings" are originally used for Vaisravana, Virudhaka, Dhrtarastra and Virupaksa, the guardians of the four directions in Buddhist faith.

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