A flying ship (航空船, Koukuusen) is a vessel that is capable of flight. Flying ships are the most common means of transportation in the Harmonic Divine States and can also serve the functions of a small nation.


The concept of flying ships originate from the Testament Descriptor, which tell of "ships which can fly through the air at the time of legends". These concepts later materialize into fully-functional vessels in the Far East. In the present time, IZUMO is the currently the leader in the industry of flying ship production.

Flying ships are often named based on the famous castles or cities of the daimyo from Japanese history and kings in World History, and often take the role of those castles and cities in the Testament Era.


  • ~12m: Unclassified
  • ~36: Wyvern Class
  • ~108: Dragon Class
  • ~324: Kraken Class
  • ~972: Jormungandr Class
  • ~2916: Ziz Class
  • ~8748: Bahamut Class
  • Even bigger: Leviathan Class

The names of the classes come from the names of ships built during the Age of the Gods. Ships were mass produced based on those, so it was natural to name the classes after the originals. These names are only used as a remnant of an earlier time. They do a good job of generally describing the size, output, types of weapons, thickness of the armor, and amount of equipment on board, so just hearing the class gives you an estimate of its war potential or transportation ability.

The Tsirhc countries didn’t like the idea of referring to their ships with demonic or monstrous names, so they mostly just use the length of the ship in meters. In general, the size triples with each class. Dragon Class is about the size of a single wide block on Musashi, so that might help you picture their sizes.[1]

Noted Flying ShipsEdit

  • Musashi
    • Middle-front ship: Musashino
    • Middle-rear ship: Okutama
    • Left ship #1: Asakusa
    • Left ship #2: Murayama
    • Left ship #3: Aoume
    • Right ship #1: Shinagawa
    • Right ship #2: Tama
    • Right ship #3: Takao
  • Eikoumaru
  • Grande y Felicísima Armada
    • San Martin
  • Zaragoza
  • Alicante
  • Granuaile
  • Pension Versailles
  • Shigisan
  • Azuchi
  • Shirasagi Castle
  • Ghost Ship
  • Kiyosu
  • Sunomata
  • Nagahama
  • Jurakudai
  • Yamagata Castle
  • Tottori Castle
  • Aoba Castle
  • Kanie Castle


  1. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 2A - Chapter 4: Those who Intermingle between Heaven and Earth · Study: Ship Classes

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