The Five Great Peaks (五大頂, Godaichou) is a group of six warriors which act as the main armed force of P.A. ODA. They are also called as the Six-Demon Army (六天魔軍, Rokutenmagun), although two of the members are counted as one, thus the "five" in "Five Great Peaks". They are considered to be the private army of Nobunaga Oda himself.




Shadows Looming Over the MusashiEdit

After the victory of the Musashi over the joint forces of K.P.A. Italia and Tres España, P.A. ODA visits the Musashi, showing its might by simply proving that they can see the Musashi past its stealth mode. No confrontations occured during this event, and the forces of P.A. ODA will not face Musashi in battle until after the recreation of the Anglo-Spanish War.