England Arc is the second story arc of the Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon series. This arc primary featuring an initially yet intense rivalry (later truce) between Musashi Ariadust Academy and England during their journey in recovering Horizon's lost emotions. Coincidentally, their feud then further involving Tres España who attempt to seek retribution against Musashi from their previous defeat, further ignites the Amanda Wars.


Mary's TransferEdit

One week have passed since the Armada Wars, the streets in Musashi are under constructions and repairs from its aftermath. During that night, Masazumi and Mary walks within Musashi's residential district where Masazumi introduces the town's facilities and buildings.

Tenzou's Resolution to Protect MaryEdit

After biding her farewell with Masazumi, Mary then enters a room where Tenzou sleep.

Horizon's SadnessEdit

Meanwhile, Horizon and Toori are chatting at Musashi's deck while anticipate its next destination after reparation, Hexagone Française. Horizon tells Toori that even she is unsure about her future, she determines to maintain a middle road as long Toori serves as her parallel. When Toori questions her decision, Horizon conforms her resolution by claims she will never understand humanity's sadness if she doesn't obtain mankind's Deadly Sins, and she need to understand the sorrow as much as she could. Toori however tells Horizon to smile for once while remarks if obtaining Phylargia changes her, to which Horizon replies that she might be saddened if Toori request her smile as they past through the world and anything else, before she tells Toori that she will going to sleep.

Story ImpactEdit

  • England is introduced as another Musashi's initial opposition after Tres España and K.P.A. Italia as the Japanese Airship landed in their territory. What really boils the antagonism between the two factions was due to a would-be execution of Mary (Tenzou's friend-turn-lover) by her twin sister and England's Queen Elizabeth. The feud only ends after Tenzou and Mary pick out the Excalibur as their proof to their ffection.
    • Immediately after Mary's rescue, both Musashi and England proposes a truce as Mary transferred as Musashi's latest resident and befriends with its residents, including a freshly transferred Tachibana Couples from Tres España.
  • More Alcala de Henares students are introduced as Tres España's representation to attack Musashi prior to the Armada Wars.
  • The aftermath of the Armada Wars causing Tres España to leave Musashi alone for a time being, with the Tachibana Couples (Muneshige and Gin) transferred out to Musashi Ariadust Academy as its new residents and students.
  • Horizon gains Phylargia after the Armada Wars, where she experiences sadness.

Difference between Anime and Light NovelEdit


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