The Eight Great Dragon Kings (八大竜王, Hachidairyuuoh) is the traditional term used for the eight wielders of the Mortal Sin Armaments.


  • Pheugos Gastrimargia [Gluttony] - Matias, M.H.R.R.
  • Stithos Porneia [Lust] - Innocentius, K.P.A. Italia
  • Maska Orgē [Wrath] - Marfa Boretskaya, Svet Rus'
  • Akēdia Katathlipsē [Dejection] - Juana, Tres España
  • Phos Kenodoxia [Pride] - Terumoto Mouri, Hexagone Francaise
  • Phos Hyperēphania [Arrogance] - Louis Exiv, Hexagone Francaise
  • Lypē Katathlipsē [Anguish] + Aspida Phylargia [Avarice] - Horizon Ariadust/P-01s, Musashi[notes 1]

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  1. Lypē Katathlipsē was taken as spoils of war by Futayo Honda after she defeated Muneshige Tachibana and passed on to P-01s. It is assumed that P-01s would now be considered a member of the Eight Dragon Kings due to acquiring it and Aspida Phylargia.
  2. Thomas Shakespeare surrendered Aspida Phylargia to Toussaint Neshinbara who then passed it to Horizon Ariadust. It is can be assumed that Thomas may have maintained her status as one of the Eight Dragon Kings despite losing her Mortal Sin Armament under the premise of "someone having stolen it from her".

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