A Earth Pulse (地脈, Chimyaku), also called Ether Vein, is a channel of notable size where Ether flows. There is approximately one for each country. Earth Pulses also expand their influence outside planet Earth into outer space.

Earth Pulses are paths that supplies Ether to the earth and space with a similar function as human blood vessels. Access is possible with the use of a Mouse, and one can extract ether from inside to create ether fuel necessary perform abilities, same with Divine Weapons or Testamenta Arma. Earth Pulse Reactors siphon ether from the pulse converting it in usable energy. Inside dwells the world of the spiritual races, with them born from here into the material world through the habitat of a specific race or place. It's said that agglomerations of these veins create mother lodes.

The Earth Pulse governs not only the ether currents, but it gives access to all natural and divine laws. Knowing this, humanity used those veins that governs all things to bind the Testament with Fate itself. So matching the book with the flow of fate, the Testament shows the way to recreate history.


  • Earth Pulses seem to be based in the mystical Ley Lines, seeing that the another name given to the Earth Pulse Reactors (地脈炉, Chimyakuro) is Ley Reactor (レイ・リアクター, Rei Riakutā).

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