The Battle of Lepanto (レパント海戦, Repanto Kaisen) was a History Recreation that consisted in a dual war that by following the Testament Descriptor recreated the Battle of Lepanto along with the Battle of Itsukushima (厳島の戦い, Itsukushima no Tatakai) in 1623 TE. The main belligerants were Tres España and the Ottomans who would later become P.A.ODA. As history recreation was utterly abused, Tres España suffered great damage and lost many lives in the conflict, so it was a bloody battle were many name inheritors died, with Tres España's officers Takakane Hironaka and Fusae Era losing their lives there and now playing an active part in their country as ghosts. It was also the battle were an unknown admiral who later would become Felipe Segundo survived and saved a good number of half-elves and turned into the Hero of Lepanto (レパントの英雄, Repanto no Eiyū).


The starting point of this battle was that at the time, Tres España, England, M.H.R.R. and K.P.A. Italia had good relationships which permitted them to surround Hexagone Française and open their airways for their use in the Battle of Itsukushima. Another motive was that the Ottomans turned history recreation into a true invasion, so Tres España's galleys charged against the Ottoman fleet as the Testament descriptor dictated.

Even if the Ottoman fleet, a menace to the Mediterranean as a whole, was supposed to be destroyed here by the Spanish naval rams and main cannons, the Turkish naval force positioned ironclad warships in the middle of the fray, ships that under normal circumstances were supposed to guard the main fleet against the galley's assault. After the galleys were blocked, new ships from behind the citadel joined the battle in the place of the ironclad ships, performing a pincer attack. Against that number of ships and due to the oncoming assault, the retreat of the still struggling Tres España's fleet was an impossibility, so almost all it was destroyed. During this battle, only the man who would inherit the name Felipe Segundo noticed the strange placement of the enemy forces, so he held back from the assault ignoring the orders from above. At the end, only Segundo's forces survived.

While it's true that Tres España suffered a defeat, in order to interpret it as a victory Segundo was proclaimed as the "Hero of Lepanto". However, due to the loss of many precious lives before his own eyes and not being able to protect his wife and daughter, a feeling of regret remained in Segundo's heart.


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