Archdemons (魔神族, Majin-zoku, lit., "Evil-spirit Clan") or the Devils are a race of powerful and resilent demonic beings that exceed human capabilities with their large builds and tremendous strength. During the Age of Gods they were the dominant species but in the War of the Gods their numbers heavily decreased and their area of influence was reduced to the Middle East and the Northern regions, with little presence in the Far Eastern areas.


The Archdemons are a kin known by their inhuman physical feats, builds over 2m height, natural armor and high ability capabilities. With sharp horns in their skulls, deadly claws, a systemic crustacean armored skin covering their whole bodies and colossal might, they can even rival both in offence and defence with lightweight Gods of War. Some of them even have various extremities to help in battle.

Their organs function like high-speed Earth Pulses furnaces with impressive accumulation speed of their inner-fueled Bless (giving them a impressive proficiency with abilities) and several nerve clusters in each part of their bodies that can work in place of the brain allowing them to recover rather quickly from injures and even cerebral concussions (as Makiko Oriotorai says, that is the best way to deal for a short time with one of this species, striking it on one side of the dead, and then quickly on the other).

There are many archdemon species aside the common kind, like the Fish Archdemons (魚類系, Gyorui-kei), Human-type Archdemons (人型, Hito-gata) or the Immortal Archdemons (不死系, Fushi-kei) that can only be killed if their bodies are destroyed down to cellular level.

Known ArchdemonsEdit

Common ArchdemonsEdit

Fish ArchdemonsEdit

Human-type ArchdemonsEdit

Immortal ArchdemonsEdit


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