Angels (天使, Tenshi, lit., "Celestial Messenger") or the Celestials are a race of beings known by their wings and huge magical affinity. One of the dominant races during the Age of Gods along with the Archdemon species and like them, the numbers of the angelic kindred heavily declined during the War of the Gods.


Angelic species are famous for their standard humanoid forms that go along with a unique racial feature, wings on their backs. These appendages can be used for flight, spreading the wings and accumulating air within them to glide through the air and land and by ejecting the compressed air can even perform something closer to midair jump or a jet acceleration, achieving a way of flying far fiercer than the mere wingbeats of a bird.

Due to the hereditary impressive Ability capabilities they hold, the angels began to serve in sacred temples and with the passage of time, they got to be known as the "Messengers of God" (神の使い, Kaminotsukai). Another of the angelic peculiarities consist in their rather small offspring, with weakness seen as a taboo.

There is three known angelic sub-species. The first one is the one called the Fallen Angels (堕天, Daten), a black skinned, black winged genus that betrayed God long ago. Between the three common angelic subspecies, they are the ones with the most potential but as they have a feeble constitution, the usage of abilities causes them a backlash with negative influence on their own bodies. A smaller tribe (and often included in the previous one due to this reason) is the one called Rebel Fallen Angels (匪堕天, Hidaten), a black winged Fallen Angel mixed race second in ability performance among the three sub-species. The third genus are the Descended Angels (墜天, Tsuiten) a variety of yellow winged angels who choose to live together with humanity.

When P.A. ODA ability Mala'ika - Angel Manifestation Technique (天使顕現術式「マラーイカ」, Tenshi kengen jutsushiki - marāika) is used, a new kind of angel appears, the Power - Angel of Strength (力天使「パワー」, Chikara tenshi - pawā), one class of warrior angels summoned by the combination of Holy and indigenous Middle Eastern Abilities.

Known AngelsEdit

Rebel Fallen AngelsEdit

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  • Mala'ika is the islamic plural term to Angels, beings with no free will and therefore can do only what God orders them to do. The Powers or Authorities are the Sixth in the Christian angelic hierarchy, residents of the Second Sphere, they are the bearers of conscience, keepers of history and warriors of the Heaven.

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