The Age of Gods (神々の時代, Kamigami no Jidai) also called Ancient Time (神代, Jindai) was the following era to the Former Earth Age (前地球時代, Zen Chikyū Jidai), previous to the Period of Daybreak (黎明の次代, Reimei no Jidai) and the Earlier History Recreation (歴史再現初期, Rekishi Saigen Shoki). This is the age that goes from when humanity ascended to Heavens turning into gods to the fall that made them return to Earth, made into an inhabitable planet except for a certain area called the Divine States.


Because of the deterioration of the entire world, the inhabitants of Earth decided to ascend to the heavens. As humanity rose to the heavens like gods, religion lost all its status and significance, starting line of an era of technological, planetarian and racial development like was never seen before.

But there at the heavens, those who have ascended into godhood started to engage in war against each other. The realm of heaven, the realm of hell and even destiny collapsed. They lost all the "divine powers" they had, and were forced to return to the Earth, were the planet enviroment had grown hostile, with the Divine States being the only habitable place left.

War of the GodsEdit

The War of the Gods (神々の戦争, Kamigami no Sensō) it's how the conflict among those who had become gods in the heavens was called. The collateral damage of this fight was so huge that rendered all the known space uninhabitable, with the Divine States in the planet Earth as the only place to live.

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